Senior Process Engineer - Carbon Capture

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Senior Process Engineer - Carbon Capture


The candidate will develop the design, construction and optimization of processes to capture CO2 from industrial exhaust gasses. The CO2 absorption processes will be based on aqueous solutions, i.e. mixtures of amines or ammonia, and comprises all components of the process flow scheme, e.g. heat transfer for regeneration and heat integration, but also safety, health and environmental aspects and all associated auxiliaries, i.e. chemical storage and effluent treatment, and utility systems. Solvent assessments and evaluations of the impact on the process flow scheme will be part of the continuous process optimization among continuous individual key equipment optimizations efforts. The expected improvements will then be validated in associated test campaigns. Positive results of those will then be translated into actual design guidelines for the overall process configuration, but also individual key components and define demonstration unit configurations and later commercial plant designs. Finally, actual projects will be supported in terms of key engineering documents, i.e. PFDs, P&IDs and key equipment datasheet development, and project related studies.


Main Responsibilities


  • Perform steady state process simulations for the entire CO2 capture process flow scheme based on commercial software, i.e. Aspen, Promax, etc;
  • Continuously execute solvent screening and assessments with reference to latest information from industry and literature;
  • Equipment internal packing selection design and assessment;
  • Plan experimental test campaigns for the validations of optimized process configurations;
  • Perform techno-economic analysis for individual or overall optimizations;
  • Leading inter-disciplinary discussions with inside and outside contributors, i.e. research institutes, for achieving the subject objectives;
  • Participation to technical meetings with partners, customers and suppliers;
  • Supports the development of PFDs, P&IDs and process datasheets of main equipment through reviews on special projects;
  • Support design and safety reviews, i.e. HAZID, HAZOP, FERA, FMEA, on special projects;
  • Support procurement, manufacturing and sourcing of main equipment on special projects.



  • Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Extensive experience in process engineering and carbon capture technology in particular, including a general understanding of solvent selection and its impact on the process design;
  • Deep knowledge about column internals design, i.e. types of packing, and selection, as well as experience with quality suppliers and their product portfolios;
  • General knowledge of the various gas purification technologies based on the different separation techniques, i.e. absorption, adsorption, distillation, filtration, etc;
  • Proven experience in establishing flow scheme models based on predefined environment, i.e. thermodynamic model and chemical reactions;
  • Knowledge of general HSE and process safety requirements;
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English;
  • Ability to work in an international team environment;
  • Experience in teamwork on technical programs, for designing and developing new products;
  • Problem solving skills and ability to manage multiple priorities;
  • EU work permit.


Location: Florence or Frankfurt.


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